Wednesday, February 9, 2011


In heroes of newerth my most favoured hero definately has to be the chipper. It is so easy to master and once you learn how to rocket you should be able to own.

 When you begin always get stats. In the laning phase just harrass as much as possible with your auto attack and rocket if you feel 100% you will land it. At level 3 get two levels in rockets and 1 in tar. This would make it easy to combo and you will easily get a kill. once you have your ult start ganking with it. Build chipper as you wish but i find it best to get storm spirit with him to set up rockets.


  1. Have never really been a big fan of that one.

  2. Sam as Ciriis but I've never tried it either.

  3. looks good, since i read this have heard a lot about it.