Thursday, February 10, 2011

So what is Heroes of Newerth and Why do I love it

Heroes of Newerth is a dota-style game made by s2games. It is very similar to dota but has fine tuned graphics and some new heroes, such as my favourite The Chipper. In the game you can choose to be either Hellbourne or Legion. You then choose your single hero and begin the game. The game is usually fought between 5 players on both sides and involves gaining experience and gold from last-hitting creeps or heroes. The objective of the game is to destroy the other teams Base.

Anyway, HoN is a pretty tough game to get into but I definitely recommend it. You'll want to pick a hero to start with and stick with one you like while you learn the ropes. It costs $30 but it the best value of money i have ever spent on a single game. When i first started hon I found one hero particularly easy and that was predator, i recommended predator for your first hero to try.  Hon is avalaible on PC, mac and linux so you now have no excuse not to try it.

So if you need any advice whilst playing contact my ingame username: Spin

This picture shows the range of heros you can choose from. My first favourite hero i got good at is the predator, which is the hero on the far right.


  1. Cool stuff man. BTW, you might want to change your font. It's a bit hard on the eyes. Keep up the good work though

  2. I've been looking for a new game to play and this looks really interesting. Thanks for the read!

  3. oh this looks really nice and i think it's better than LoL

  4. my cousins play this. i should give it a try. i play dota which is kinda similar to this so it shouldnt be too hard to learn